Workload Agreement Monitoring Group

“Specified work” is defined as: (a) the planning and preparation of lessons and courses for individual students, groups and entire classes b) teaching for students, including the implementation of distance learning or computer techniques c) the evaluation of student development, progress and performance d) the development report, Student Progress and Performance WMG Composition: The Workload Monitoring Group is composed of eight (8) members, four appointed by the College and four by the Local Union for a two-year term, each beginning April 1. The quorum at WMG meetings is 4, 6 or 8 members, with equal representation of the College and the local union. Other arrangements may be made at local level with the agreement of the Local Union and the College. ____________ Their main objective was to combat the excessive demand on teachers and to eliminate all “non-teaching” functions from their daily workload. To achieve this goal, the agreement established two new support staff roles: HLTA and Coverage Supervisor. At the national level, the government has set up the Workload Agreement Monitoring Group (WAMG) to ensure compliance with the terms of the contract. In all other circumstances, NEU advises that coverage supervision should not take more than five consecutive days or for a longer period, one day per week for half a semester in a primary school. or one lesson per week for half a semester in a high school. Any absence of illness that lasts more than five days should be considered “long-term” and covered accordingly. (WaMG Supplementary Guidance – see also WAMG Notes 12 and 13).

In particular, each school has a clear responsibility to ensure that support staff are not exploited: “Schools should review their individual coverage policies to ensure that these activities are carried out only by staff with the appropriate skills, status and experience and that all necessary training is provided.” Sometimes TAs with HLTA status are issued with split contracts, where they are used for part of the week for higher work and receive a higher rate in return, but then used for the rest of the week as a general BP at a lower wage level. For a variety of reasons, but usually due to budgetary constraints, schools are increasingly using auxiliary staff as de facto teachers. In fact, it has been found that some schools use SAs and even non-academic support staff to advocate for absent teachers. Whenever possible, the WMG meets once a week. In Seneca, these meetings usually take place on Wednesday afternoons from 13:00.m. ________.

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