Which One Of The Following Is The Correct Description Of A Customer Based Service Level Agreement

ITIL defines 3 types of service level agreement (SLA) structures, which are as follows: 1.Customer-based: It covers all services used by a single group of customers. 2. Service-based: This is a service for all customers. 3. Multi-level: Some examples of multi-level SLAs are the 3-level SLAs, which include the enterprise and customer and service layers. Answer: C and A are wrong. There are no SLAs such as segments and components. The third and final type of service level agreement is the multi-level SLA. The multi-level SLA defines aspects of the SLA based on the customer`s organization, using a kind of inheritance with global definitions relevant to all child levels. This SLA focuses on the customer`s organization. All services and their relationship to subordinate services are discussed when defining the multi-level service level agreement structure. .

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