What Is A Bird Dog Agreement

You won`t lose money with bird dogs, but if you don`t bring viable leads back to your broker or investor, you also won`t get research fees for your work. A regular paid position may not seem as exciting or lucrative as a position that offers big commissions, but there`s a lot to be said for stability. With Bird Dogging, you will only be paid when the transaction is concluded. That means there could be a lot of waiting and biting for the deal to happen — and even if it does, it could take even longer for you to see a paycheck. Make sure you receive your payment terms in writing. Bird dogging may have its advantages as a part-time job or as a side activity, but there`s also a lot of uncertainty when you think about making it a full-time job. He decided not to reach the deal, but it will certainly come in handy if a potential comic is worried. You`ve probably seen signs in a neighborhood that said things like “We buy houses” or “money for houses.” This is an example of wholesale, not bird watching. Real estate wholesalers buy troubled properties from motivated owners at as low a price as possible, then sell them to investors at a higher price and keep the profit. For example, wholesalers buy struggling real estate, while dollar birds simply return viable properties to potential investors. Pros: You`ll quickly learn what works for real estate investments. The best education is experience.

You`ll learn which struggling properties are bargains – you`ll have to do this if you expect to get paid for viable leads. If you like the thrill of hunting, then stay with her to expand your network of investors or build funds for your own investment property. If you find the job too difficult, boring, or just not worth your time, you can find another low-risk way to engage in real estate, perhaps by investing in REITs. 11. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other oral or written promises or conditions in any other agreement. This Agreement supersedes all prior written or oral agreements between the parties. In Washington State, it is technically illegal to act like a “bird dog” (Washington LIKES to regulate everything)! However, from what I can say, it`s just the term that`s illegal, and people get around that by renaming themselves “research assistants.” So using this treaty in Washington wouldn`t work unless you changed the terms (just enough!). A bird dog`s relationship with an investor can be mutually beneficial.

However, as with all real estate transactions, there is some risk. .

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