Video Game Distribution Agreement

Conditions of competition. You ensure that your application`s contests comply with the rules of the program in force. You agree that you are the host of all the competitions that take place in your application. You make available to end users prominent, clearly identified, easily accessible, and legally appropriate rules for any competition in your application (including customer-initiated contests). The competition rules must describe the conditions for participation in the competition, how the winners are identified and the prizes made available. If you offer Real World prizes, you must meet the following requirements: (A) Dexterity (defined by applicable law) must be the factor that determines who wins or loses the contest, (B) Real World prizes cannot be awarded to applications that are lottery games, casino games or other games of chance, and (C) You will not open competitions for under-18s (or, in the case of age, the legal age of majority in the relevant jurisdiction). – A “PC game” is a video game or video game application designed to run on Windows, OSX or any other PC operating system or in a desktop browser. However, Section 2 (ffc) of the Copyright Act contains computer codes and languages falling within the scope of copyright. The trademark protects the names and logos of the associated games. In general, few brands participate in each game. Trademark helps to communicate with the public the identity of the gambling company. For example, every game developed by EA Sports has written its brand and logo about it.

A video game license agreement involves parties such as video game developers, publishers and sports organizations, as in the case of FIFA. Video games are usually developed and licensed by game companies such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Konami, etc. They obtain appropriate licenses from organizations such as FIFA, WWE and grant them to end users through an end user license agreement. For example, football-related video games are required to obtain a license from FIFA for the use of certain attributes such as a team`s name, player, player character and other associated brands. Creating a video game involves a lot of intellectual property. The gambling industry is currently experiencing increasing growth, as are disputes, particularly over intellectual property. Application submission. You can choose to send us all applications that meet the requirements of the agreement. While an application is available for distribution, forward all fixes, patches, and other updates to the applications, as well as all product information, as soon as they become available.

You ensure that all of your content complies with this agreement and the applicable program policy. For any content that requires a license key or other piece of data that an end user must use to use or access the functionality of an application (a “license key”), provide license keys upon request in a format we have specified. . . .

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