Tiaa Brokerage Customer Account Agreement

tiaa-cref self-managed customer account account contract TIAA-CREF SELF-DIRECTD COURTAGE ACCOUNT AGREEMENTFor Use Within an Employer-Sponsored Withdrawal PlanJUNE 2011This Self-Direct Brokerage Account Customer Agreement (“Agreement”) contains the important terms of your TIAA-CRE self-managed brokerage account, which is managed by Pershing LLC, a 100% subsidiary of Bank of New York. Please read this agreement carefully and keep it for future references. BROKERAGE ACCOUNTS ARE FROM TIAA-CREFINDIVIDUAL – INSTITUTIONAL SERVICES, LLC, MEMBERFINRA, SIPC. BROKERAGE ACCOUNTS ARE CARRIED BYPERSHING, LLC, A SUBSIDIARY OF THE BANK OF NEWYORK COMPANY, INC., MEMBER FINRA, NYSE, SIPC.I. ALLGEMEINE TERMS AND CONDITIONS1. “I,” “I” and “my” refer to the individual signature of the account application. “TIAA-CREF” refers to TIAA-CREF brokerage services, a department of TIAA-CREF Individual – InstitutionalServices, LLC and/or Pershing LLC, which has designated unitTIAA-CREF as a clearing company.2. I understand that my employer (the “sponsor of the plan”) or another planfiduciary have authorized me to set up a repon as an investment option under my employer-sponsored retirement plan 403 (b) (“plan”). I agree that I do not take action beyond the power that is granted to me under the plan. By opening an account brokerage created with TIAA-CREF. The account will be created in the name of the plan`s agent and/or custodian to my advantage and I will channel all investments into my account. I am fully responsible for all investment decisions regarding my account.

I understand and accept the risks associated with investing in an account individual and assume responsibility for the losses that i may suffer as a result of such investments. I understand that it is my responsibility to meet all the requirements for trading with TIAA-CREFand that if I refuse to comply, TIAA-CREF may, depending on its choice, refuse to make transactions on my behalf or terminate the account. I understand that prior to the order, I am responsible for the transaction`s compliance with all TIAA-CREF guidelines, my plan policies and all regulatory requirements. TIAA-CREF is not required to ensure compliance prior to the acceptance of an order.3

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