Tenancy Agreement Abu Dhabi

In accordance with Resolution 4/2011 on the registration of real estate data and leases in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the “Tawtheeq” system sets land costs as follows: with the rapid evolution of the past decade, the Abu Dhabi real estate market is zooming directly up the region. People are spoilt for choice when it comes to renting a place in Abu Dhabi. Villas or apartments, high-end or mid-market, islands or continents – there is something for everyone. But what does it mean to be a tenant in Abu Dhabi? If you live in the capital, you will find here everything you need to know about the rights of Abu Dhabi tenants and the right to rent in Abu Dhabi. In light of the above provisions, the ADM takes into account leases registered under these provisions, any transaction requiring a lease agreement, is not accepted and is terminated if the contract is not entered into the Tawtheeq registry system of the ADM. The resolution applies to all residential, commercial and industrial units. The legislation also stipulates that the lease must be registered in the Tawtheeq system of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi to file a dispute before the commission. If a lease has not been registered, it is not recognized for transactions involving a government agency, abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADWEC) or Etisalat. If a rental agreement is not properly registered under Regulation 4, the tenant may have difficulty requesting business and authorization from the authorities or opening accounts with ADWEC and Etisalat.

Yes, yes. The municipality gives access to the website “Tawtheeq” to verify the status of the contract by the rental contract ID number indicated by the municipality. The inability to obtain a registered lease that must be subject to government services and institutions to access available services and conclude their transactions, since the “Tawtheeq” system is linked to strategic partners to achieve the necessary integration, since the registration of real estate and leases in the “Tawtheeq” system is now an integral part of the procedures necessary for the conclusion of various government transactions. AED 1,000 to first record data relating to a usable property plus AED 5 for each usable unit. AED 100 for the issuance of a new lease in Abu Dhabi AED 100 for the lease renewal at Abu Dhabi AED 50 for the update, Modification of the details of the contract, termination and termination of the lease in Abu Dhabi You can contact us at 800222220 or send an email to tawtheeq@adm.abudhabi.ae Hi, I am a villa owner and I am trying to create a new lease agreement with the system. I have already registered my property, but I see only the possibility of creating a new property management agreement, but nothing to do with a new lease. Thank you for writing to us. As it is in the same rental period, you must request a change at Tawtheeq.

The cost is usually AED 50-100, but may depend on the scenario. Please contact the official authorities and they will be able to guide you on the official change procedure. I live in a villa owned by a Loca who ran a real estate management company. I have a lease that was finally concluded at the end of November. Now, for mawaqif, I need tawtheeq and property management charges 5% municipal fees to make the tawtheeq. It`s true? The 2012 registration booth No. 97 further unified the registration process for leases.

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