Mt Lebanon School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

Lebanese teachers were above two years ago. According to a report by Standard and Poor`s School Evaluation, the average salary for teachers in the district was $57,642 in 2002. This figure was $4,300 higher than the Allegheny County average, according to the S-P study. The latest figures for Lebanon were not immediately available. This extension would respect the teacher`s contract, which expires in June 2005, until the 2009/2010 school year. Officials refused to publish details and said a joint press conference would be held this afternoon if the teachers had the contract in one for 16 .m. The planned vote at the high school art theatre. Teachers at Mt. Lebanon School District will vote today on a five-year contract extension, district and union representatives said Monday. Questions are sometimes raised about the rights of school administrators or other 93 employees of the 93rd Act to enforce their rights under an applicable employment agreement or a law 93 contract. On the other hand, a professional worker dissatisfied with a rating he received or another perceived loss of a benefit promised by an applicable collective agreement may file a claim under that contract and may also be entitled to a hearing before the school board if he is downgraded in salary or position. But what kind of recourse does a 93rd Act administrator or staff member have if they receive an adverse audit or are not satisfied with a clause or condition of employment? Wages and health care costs are central issues in any negotiations on school contracts. According to a study by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association published on August 20, the average salary for teachers was $52,813 in 2003/2004.

This is 2.7% more than in 2002/2003. The Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas recently considered the case of Dr. Pamela Pulkowski against the Mt. Lebanon School District. In this case, the applicant was employed by a school district as an associate superintendent. The salary increases of the directors were determined by a written program attached to Agreement 93. The program calculated an administrator`s increase based on the performance evaluation received by the administrator. Directors considered “well above expectations” would receive a 5% increase, while those who were considered “satisfied expectations” received a 3.5% pay increase and those who were considered “unse satisfied” did not receive a pay increase. The school committee is scheduled to vote on the contract at 7:00 p.m.m. Thursday also at the art theatre. The school district tax rate is $22.76 million, the 13th of allegheny County`s 43 districts, an increase of 25 percent over the past two years.

For the $150,000 homeowner, the current tax rate represents an annual school tax bill of $3,414 $US. Hoffman said the date of the agreement had nothing to do with recent laws that would require school districts to hold an election referendum on a tax increase larger than a state index currently estimated at 3 percent. Sean Fields, associate adviser to the School Boards Association, said health-related costs, which could take a tax increase above the index, are exempt from the referendum requirement.

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