Hse Community Pharmacy Contractor Agreement

(12) A Chief Executive Officer may find that, in a given area, there is a clear need for Community public health pharmacy services and, in such circumstances, seeks applications for agreement concerning a Community pharmacy contractor through appropriate public advertising and in accordance with those rules. All applications received in response to such publicity shall be processed and determined in accordance with the provisions of Article 7. (iv) the name, address and registration number (as a pharmacist) of the proposed host pharmacist, including details of his or her recent experience in the practice of community pharmacy and his or her experience in guiding patients in the use of medicinal products and how he or she has updated his or her expertise; 2. Notwithstanding the provisions of point (i) of paragraph 1, the required population and/or the distances between premises may be adapted at the discretion of the Chairperson of the Management Board to meet any exceptional demand for Community pharmacy services in the river basin, taking into account the geographical characteristics and public health needs of that area and the general municipal pharmacy services in the function of the Bureau and neighbouring bodies, if any. When taking a decision under this Article, the Chief Executive Officer may consult the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland and/or the Committee of Pharmaceutical Contractors. A number of pharmacists who did not terminate their contracts refused to lower patients they perceived as not having their own clients. As you know, government drug systems are designed in such a way that the patient has a choice of pharmacists for each distribution episode. There is no basis under the Community Pharmacy Agreement for a contractor to refuse to dispense to a patient who presents a valid prescription simply because he is not considered to be his own customer. `clear public health need` means pharmacists who, on behalf of the `PCRS`, use services in the catchment area of a new Community pharmacy for which an application for agreement has been submitted for a Community pharmacy contractor, a set of conditions laid down in the Community Pharmacy Contractor Agreement (the `Contract`), last updated in 2010; All right….

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