Fuda Agreement for Oracle

OPN licenses cannot be used for technical support without a distribution agreement. There are no conditions of participation in the construction route other than the payment of the follow-up fee. However, there are recommended trainings and certifications for roles that enhance a partner`s ability to develop commercially available software or service solutions that are based on or integrate with Oracle Cloud technologies. In addition to the main benefits of OPN, Build Track offers several tools to help a partner leverage Oracle Cloud technologies with their software or service solution. These enablers include access to Oracle Cloud environments for testing, development, and demonstration. In addition, build Track provides partners with exclusive access to an OPN community support forum for development and integration partners, as well as numerous skills transfer opportunities, including role-based learning paths through Oracle University Cloud Learning Subscriptions (CLS). In addition, partners should keep in mind that OPN demo and development licenses should not be used for a single application or end-user solution. The application developed by the partner must target multiple end users to meet the requirements of the NPO. Expertise can be obtained in a product family, cloud service, or use case deployment scenario, where a number of qualifying tournaments can be completed, including Oracle specialists, certified or accredited professionals, customer success, and Oracle engagement. To benefit from expertise, partners must select a track (build, sell, maintain or license hardware).

Qualifications are specific to each route and may include access to a specific regional market. Current MEMBERS of the NPO are invited to move to the modernized OPN program to take advantage of simplification and access to key prerequisites, benefits and recognition opportunities. For more information on the impact on existing contracts, current program designations, and more, see the Partner Upgrade Guidelines. Oracle has a variety of contracts and agreements. It helps to know what many of them are for In the contracts you sign to enter into an Oracle software contract, they contain terms that you will have to live with throughout the life of this product. You need to take the same care when negotiating a contract as you do when choosing a specific product for your business. Before signing the final agreement, you need to clarify several contractual issues. As we can see, the parameters in which OPN demo and development licenses can be used are quite rigid. Customers who do not regularly review the restrictions imposed in their OPN agreements with Oracle may lose sight of what is allowed as part of membership and inadvertently deploy Oracle “completely around” paying attention to what is allowed. Oracle fixes the error during a review by charging an additional license fee to resolve the resulting compliance issues. Our goal is to make the transition to the modern OPN program as easy as possible.

Although you will need to update and execute a new OPN agreement after joining the modernized program, your current distribution agreements and addenda will remain valid until their respective expiration dates. After your current distribution agreements expire, you will need to run new versions. Current NPO members are encouraged to adopt the MODERNIZED NPO program to take advantage of the benefits and recognition opportunities for key facilitators and opportunities for reflection. For more information about the impact on existing contracts, current program names, and so on, see the Partner Upgrade Guide. OPN licenses can be used to provide technical support to an end user, but only if there is a distribution agreement between the partner and Oracle. This allows a partner to provide support for Oracle programs that are packaged with their applications and provides a channel through which Oracle can charge a support fee. Our intention is to make the transition to the modern OPN program as easy as possible. Although you will need to upgrade and execute a new OPN contract after joining the modernized program, your current distribution agreements and supplements will remain valid until their specific expiration date. After your current distribution agreements expire, you will need to run new versions.

There is no requirement for participation in the service runway other than the payment of track fees. However, to reap the benefits of go-to-market, partners must first gain expertise to ensure they have the skills and certifications to successfully design, implement, and manage Oracle Cloud solutions that meet their customers` needs. Regional markets are designations that encompass a country or group of countries and are used to acquire and recognize expertise and advanced expertise in the Cloud Service Track and Cloud Sell Track. Partner companies in countries that share the same regional market can pool resources to meet the criteria for qualifying expertise, provided they are all partners in the same main unit. Once a company acquires expertise, other companies in the same regional market can inherit the expertise. A successful implementation is determined by the customer and recorded via the customer satisfaction survey, which requires a minimum customer loyalty index (CLI) score. It is based on direct customer feedback on their overall planning and implementation experience. Go-lives can be submitted here.

If you are an OPN partner transitioning to the modern OPN program, review the steps to accelerate your journey to expertise and submit customer details for recent and relevant commissioning to meet service expertise qualifications. Examples of expertise: Another important limitation to keep in mind is that licenses issued under the OPN should not be used for the partner`s internal activities. The Customer Loyalty Index (CLI) is a measure generated from our common customers` response to a customer success survey at a specific stage in each lead`s lifecycle. The survey, which consists of a short questionnaire, measures a customer`s overall satisfaction throughout the process of interacting with the partner For some cloud services in the build and service tracks, partners can gain advanced expertise, among other things, by completing incremental qualifiers such as a set of go-lives, customer satisfaction rates and higher revenue thresholds, or the number of transactions. Partner branding with logos and badges is available to partners in the modern OPN program. All partners receive a logo to identify their OPN membership, as well as access to logos to promote their acquired expertise. Product badges are also available to determine which partner products/applications have met the qualification criteria for Integrated with, Powered by, and Oracle Validated Integration status. Partners must acquire the appropriate expertise to use the appropriate product badge. In addition to the key benefits of OPN members, Sell Track offers multiple enablers in the areas of environment/licensing, training, technical support, sales and marketing, and partner success to facilitate the Oracle Cloud resale go-to-market process. . No, Oracle maintains strong support and authorization for its hardware and software activities through the License & Hardware Track.

As a partner, you have the option to support your current solution and service in on-premises licensing and hardware, fully invest in cloud leads, or expand into the hybrid model by joining one or more cloud leads plus the license and hardware track. The majority of the qualifiers required for products intended for resale under the license and hardware track are similar to those that exist today, but we`ve made some changes to the structure of how cloud products are mapped by Expertise in the Cloud Sell Track. .

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