Fuda Agreement For Oracle

As we can see, the parameters in which OPN demonstration and development licenses can be used are quite rigid. Customers who do not regularly check the restrictions imposed in their OPN agreements with Oracle may lose sight of what is allowed under membership and may accidentally provide “completely around” Oracle by being wary of what is allowed. Oracle corrects the error during a review by levying additional licensing fees to resolve the resulting compliance issues. Our goal is to make the transition to the modern OPN program as simple as possible. Although you will need to update and execute a new OPN agreement upon joining the modernized program, your current distribution agreements and Addenda will remain valid until their respective expiry dates. Once your current distribution agreements expire, you`ll need to run new versions. Current NPO members are invited to equip themselves with the modernized OPN program to take advantage of the benefits and recognition opportunities for key facilitators and thought opportunities. For more information on the impact on existing agreements, current program names, etc., see the partners` upgrade guide. OPN licenses can be used to provide technical support to an end user, but only if there is a distribution agreement between the partner and Oracle. This allows a partner to provide support for Oracle programs that are packed with their applications, and provides a channel that allows Oracle to collect support fees.

OPN licenses cannot be used for technical support without an appropriate distribution agreement. There are no other conditions to participate in the construction track than paying the follow-up fee. However, there are recommended role training and certifications that enhance a partner`s ability to develop commercially available software or service solutions based on or integrated Oracle Cloud technologies. In addition to OPN`s core benefits, Build Track offers several enablers to help a partner build on Oracle Cloud`s technologies with its software or service solution. These enablers include access to Oracle Cloud environments for testing, development and demonstration. In addition, build Track provides partners with exclusive access to an OPN community support forum for development and integration partners, as well as extensive skills transfer opportunities, including role-based learning pathways via Oracle University Cloud Learning Subscriptions (CLS). In addition, partners should keep in mind that OPN demonstration and development licenses should not be used for a single end-user application or solution. The application developed by the partner must be aimed at several end-users in order to meet the requirements of the OPN. Expertise can be achieved in a scenario for the provision of product families, cloud services or application cases, completing a number of qualifiers, including Oracle specialists, certified or accredited professionals, customer success and Oracle`s commitment. To qualify for the expertise, partners must choose a track (Build, Sell, Service or License – Hardware). Skills qualifications are specific to each route and may include the achievement of a given regional market.

Examples of expertise: Another important restriction to be respected is that licenses granted under OPN should not be used for the partner`s internal activity.

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