Find Agreement Tlumacz

With this week`s employment contract, the city has signed a contract for about two-thirds of its staff. That is why we have all the conditions to conclude a good agreement. W związku z tym spełnione są wszelkie warunki, aby zawrzeć dobre porozumienie. 1.1 Where do you find the compensation positions in the contract? Here you will find our current purchasing conditions as well as the standard contracts of enterprise contracts for subcontractors. I think we are in complete agreement on this issue. Ufam, że w pełni zgadzamy się w tej sprawie. We will agree. Troje z nas ma zamiar dojść do porozumienia. The conclusions of these discussions were then incorporated into a tailor-made proposal.

These rules have no place in a free trade agreement. W umowach o wolnym handlu jamais ma miejsca na takie reguły. The sector now relies on contractual agreements with European companies and attracts foreign investment. The Times reached contractual agreements with all 12 of its unions until the end of the century. For all these reasons, I ask you to support this agreement. Z tych wszystkich powodów, proszę Państwa o poparcie tego porozumienia. . .

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