Faa Grant Agreement

ODA may, for an important reason, unilaterally terminate the grant if the sponsor does not meet the conditions of the grant. This is done by written notification to the promoter. The ADO must use the following termination procedures: Advisory Circular List. The FAA publishes a list of certain advisory circulars outlining the applicable policies, standards, and specifications that proponents of an AIP-funded project must implement. ODA includes this list directly in the grant agreement, which formally includes it as part of the grant conditions. This list, FAA Advisory Circulars Required for use in AIP Funded and PFC Approved Projects, is available online (link see Appendix B). i. Applicable agreements concerning public agencies. Some subsidies must be co-signed by the public authority. In these cases, the ADO must obtain the agreement of the public agency with the sponsor and keep this documentation in the ADO Office files.

j. The whole request for help. The conditions of the grant application are set out in paragraphs 5 to 19. After the ADO has completed the actions before the award in the previous section, there are four main steps before the grant application can be processed. Proponents are required to submit certain financial reports to consolidate grant expenditures and the status of project funds. Sponsors must submit the following financial information forms, as in the current version of the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Grant Payment and Sponsor Financial Reporting Policy (see Appendix B for Link). The forms are also available on this website (see link to the AIP forms in Appendix B). 2 CFR § 200.327 requires sponsors to report at least once a year, but no more than quarterly. has. Standard Form 425, federal financial report or equivalent approved by the ODA (see AIP forms link in Appendix B). This requirement is contained in 75 federal registries 54215 (September 3, 2010).

In accordance with this communication on the Federal Register, Model Form 272 is replaced by Standard Form 425 (Federal Financial Report) and describes the sponsor`s filing date. b. Standard Form 271, Expense Report and Claim for Construction Programs (see AIP forms link in Appendix B) or equivalent approved by ODA. The ADO may authorize the use of a standard form 270, request for deposit or refund (see link AIP forms in Appendix B), for unbuilt projects instead of the standard form 271. In accordance with 2 CFR § 200.400, sponsor shall manage the grant effectively and effectively by applying sound management practices. In addition, 49 USC § 47106(a)(4) requires that a project be completed without undue delay. ODA shall ensure that these requirements are met by monitoring the performance reports referred to in paragraphs 5 to 40 and by ensuring that regular grants are provided to support the implementation of the project. one. Frequency of the promoter`s payment requests. In accordance with the FAA directive, sponsors must submit payment requests at least every twelve months from the date of acceptance of the grant. An ADO also has the option of requiring the sponsor to submit a payment request every three months (quarterly).

This corresponds to the frequency of financial reporting set out in paragraph 200.327 of the CFR. This does not prevent the promoter from filing payment claims more often than every three months. b. Conditions for payment requests longer than 12 months. If a sponsor has not submitted a payment request for more than 12 months, it is FAA policy for ODA to notify the sponsor in writing of these delays and ask the sponsor to submit a request for payment or, if applicable, close the grant. . . .

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