Dumpster Rental Agreement Template

Use the dumpster Rental Contract mobile app with a smartphone or tablet to enter into a dumpster lease from anywhere in the field. The following forms must be completed and sent to MOOOvable Dumpsters to book a dumpster rental. Please look at yourself below, download the pages, print, sign and text or email us the documents. If you do not want to take care of the technical side of things, we can take the minimum necessary information by phone and a driver can bring the other papers so that you can sign them on the spot. A person must be on site if papers need to be signed. This agreement is concluded between GORILLA DUMPSTERS, 646 S Nelson Rd. Ste G, Columbus, OH 43205 Concluded This contract will be this___________day by ____ The customer may not move, transport or move the containers while in the customer`s possession. After 24 hours` notice, the company moves the container to the site for a service fee of $75.00. The CUSTOMER assumes responsibility for the loss or damage of the containers while in the possession of the customer.

The CLIENT provides an appropriate location for the containers and gives the company the right to access the containers at any time. An additional fee of $75.00 is charged if: (a) the containers cannot be serviced because the customer does not have access and a return is required for pickup, or (b) the driver arrives at the requested pickup and the customer demands that the dumpster not be taken away (even if it is within the original rental period). Federal, state and local laws govern the transportation and total permissible weight of road vehicles. Construction and demolition debris can be loaded onto the top “FILL LINE – GENERAL DEBRIS” of the bearing tank. Dirt, concrete, brick, block and asphalt materials can only be loaded onto the “FILL LINE – DIRT CONCRETE BRICK BLOCK” marked on the bearing tank of these materials. If the company is unable to plan the container due to overcrowding or insecurity in transportation, the company has the right to dispose of all or part of the cargo on the spot. CUSTOMER`S CONSENT TO PAY FOR THE SERVICES. The customer`s payment is due to the company for the service fees and adjustments provided for in this contract at the time of the order.

Customers who have entered into a prepayment agreement with the company must pay within ten (10) days from the date of the invoice. The correct removal rate of the bearing tank contents is indicated by the customers on the table below for each bearing tank. Additional fuel charges may be charged for the extended service area and, if so, are set out in the “Additional Charges” section of this Agreement. The company may terminate this contract if the customer does not pay the service fee or if the customer`s creditworthiness is not acceptable to the company. No container should be removed unless it is paid. This form lists all the details and payment information for our customers. We use customer data to ensure that the rental goes to the right place and to have contact details. Credit cards are received by our accounting department.

We use a paid service that stores C.C information during the rental period. The service is SSL secured and does not display card details. We will then certainly shred all the papers with sensitive information about them. The weight limit for each size of the dumpster is defined below, each overweight load is charged at $75 per ton in specific steps above the limit. If the cargo exceeds the legal limits of the container or vehicle, the customer must remove this weight sufficient to bring the load into the law.. . . .

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