Disagreement Translated In German

Differences of opinion about values correspond in part to the attention people give to the role of the GNU Project in our community. On 27 May, rsf`s organising committee met and sparked a series of disagreements between organisers on important issues, such as cooperation with parties and nationalists. The European Union reacted with disagreement by being confronted with polycrises (Edgar Morin) which had an impact on the whole Union. But disagreement reigns over the issue of wind power: Chun-Fa Liu argues that these divergences are due to the metaphysical view of nature. Disagreement ad aboard emerged as to when translations of claims into all the official languages of the Union should be provided during the grant procedure. The common guard decreed by the judge must not become a law! People who value freedom are more likely to call the system ” GNU / Linux « , and people who learn that the system is ” GNU / Linux ” are more likely to pay attention to our philosophical arguments for freedom and community ( which is why the choice of name for the system makes a real difference for society). People who value freedom rather call the system GNU/Linux, and people who learn that the system is GNU/Linux are more inclined to take into account our philosophical arguments in favor of freedom and community (which is why choosing the name of the system makes a big difference to society). Disagreements, claims or buses quickly lead to litigation requiring professional legal aid. In any case, patents are filed in one of the three official languages of the EPO (English, French, German).

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