Dental Patient Payment Plan Agreement

Next, you want to include the date of the agreement. Track it with your patient`s name and date of birth. Collecting payments from patients can be challenging, but this can be reduced by using the tools Dentrix provides. A payment agreement probably shouldn`t be your default choice, but it can be a very powerful and useful tool for you and a few selected patients. The first step to keeping your recovery rate high and requirements low is good communication. Good communication, which includes options for your patient, is best. Do not leave room for misunderstandings or misunderstandings. This dental finance agreement is a great tool to help you! Your firm name, address, phone number and website are in the lead. Perhaps you would even like to insert a protocol here. Or you can even print your financial agreements on the letterhead. Whatever you choose, you`ll also want to create a copy for your patient`s diagram! Aside from allowing the dental office to say, “Yes, we offer payment options,” you should also see a higher monthly collection rate and a lower debt problem. If a dental treatment requires more than one appointment, you should divide the payments in half.

Ask for half of the total amount due at the first appointment and the second half when treatment is complete. Enter an agreement date (the current date is displayed by default). If you have already set up payment contract templates containing the terms to use, click on the contract templates and select the desired usage. You can even fill out a credit card authorization form if you want to automatically charge your patient for a credit card on a given date each month until their payment is fully received. This way, you won`t have to wait for your patient to send their payment or send it over the phone. You wouldn`t forget and you could just send a receipt and credit via email after each payment. You can also use payment agreements to help your patients fund procedures that are only partially or not covered by their insurance plans. For example, you may have a patient who chooses an implant rather than a bridge.

With a payment agreement, you can help your patient finance the costs of the implant that their insurance does not cover. And with Dentrix, you can set the terms of the payment agreement, including financing fees, interest rates, late fees, and additional deadlines. The flexibility of lifespans can be determined from one patient to another. From time to time, you may have patients who need other payment options. If so, you can set up a payment agreement. A payment agreement is a powerful tool from Dentrix that has been designed to help you and your patients. However, if you opt to set up a payment agreement, you should limit the number of accounts you agree to fund and only fund patients that you are sure can meet the terms of the payment agreement.. . .

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